F WORD pre party w/ Anti Corpus & Carmel Zoum | De Onderbroek

datum: donderdag 28 september 2017

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F WORD pre party w Anti Corpus  Carmel Zoum | De Onderbroek

Every year the amazing F Word takes place in Amsterdam, we love it so we are helping out with doing this amazing show a day before all the festivities start.
more info on F word?

So here we go!
Anti-Corpos is a feminist lesbian hardcore band from Brasil and Berlin and are playing amazing Hardcore punk and have been doing this all over the world for years...extremely good stuff and we are very happy they are back!

Carmel Zoum
Carmel Zoum - french-congolese Berlin-based, singer, songwriter, producer – just released her debut album Skwamat, under the Berlin Label Sprinstoff. "Skwamat" is a striking set of dancehall, reggae, dubstep and DnB tracks.

Great night, good friends and amazing music!

bron: https://www.facebook.com/events/1442190139205301/

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